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Отраслевая информация

Surface treatment -------- electroplating

2018-12-30 03:30:11

The technique of depositing metal coatings with good adhesion but different properties and matrix materials on mechanical products by using the principle of electrolytic cell. Electroplating layer than the hot dip layer is uniform, generally thin, ranging from a few microns to dozens of microns. Through electroplating, protective decorative and functional surface layers can be obtained on mechanical products, as well as repair worn and processed parts. In addition, according to a variety of electroplating requirements and different functions. Examples are as follows: 1. Copper plating: for the base, to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the electroplating layer. (copper is easy to oxidize, after oxidation, the copper green no longer conducts electricity, so copper plating products must do copper protection) 2. Nickel plating: it is used as the base or as the appearance to enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance (among which, the wear resistance of chemical nickel is higher than that of chromium plating in modern technology). (note that many electronic products, such as DIN heads and n-heads, no longer use nickel as a substrate, mainly because nickel has magnetic properties that affect passive intermodulation in electrical properties) 3. Gold plating: improve conductive contact impedance and enhance signal transmission. Gold is the most stable and expensive. 4. Palladium and nickel plating: improved conductive contact impedance, improved signal transmission, and higher wear resistance than gold. 5. Tin and lead plating: improve the welding ability, and soon be replaced by other substitutes (because of lead, most of them are replaced with bright tin and fog tin). 6. Silver plating: improve conductive contact impedance and enhance signal transmission. (silver is the best, oxidizes easily and conducts electricity after oxidation) Electroplating is the application of the principle of electrolysis to lay a layer of metal on the conductive body. In addition to conductors, electroplating can also be used on specially treated plastics. The electroplating process is basically as follows: The coating metal is at the anode The material to be plated is at the cathode The anode and cathode are connected by an electrolyte solution of positive ions of the coated metal The anode metal is oxidized (electrons are lost) by a direct current power supply, and the positive ions in the solution are reduced (electrons are gained) at the cathode to form atoms and accumulate on the surface of the cathode. After electroplating, the beauty of the objects to be electroplated is related to the size of the current. The smaller the current, the more beautiful the objects to be electroplated will be. On the contrary, some uneven shapes will appear. The main USES of electroplating include preventing oxidation of metals (such as corrosion) and decorating. Many COINS are also plated. Wastewater from electroplating, such as electrolytes, is an important source of water pollution. Electroplating process has been widely used in semiconductor and microelectronic component lead frame process. VCP: vertical continuous electroplating, new machine for PCB, better quality than traditional suspension electroplating. Local silver plated Aluminum electroplating solution formulation process: High temperature weak alkali etching, cleaning, pickling, cleaning, zinc leaching, cleaning, secondary zinc leaching, cleaning, pre - copper plating, cleaning, pre - silver plating, cyanide bright silver plating, recycling cleaning, cleaning, silver protection, cleaning, drying. Look from technological process, the selected protection materials must be resistant to high temperature (80 ℃), alkali, acid, second, to protect material can be easy to peel after silver plating. The protection material that the market sells has peel sex rubber, peel sex lacquer, general adhesive belt and belt wait. Respectively test the protection material of acid, alkali corrosion, high temperature resistant, high temperature alkali corrosion solution about 80 ℃) performance and stripping resistance.
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